Friday, January 16, 2009

all the single ladies

30 Rock was pretty hilarious last night. and speaking of tv, since that's all i talk about, i have been successful so far in not watching american idol. sure, it's only been on twice now but this is the year i will NOT watch it. it's an empty show. it takes up a lot of time and gets me all worked up, "why did they cut ______? she was so great!" two weeks after the show is over, i barely remember who won.

and since we're on the subject of caffeine i must say that coffee in a little cup on top of a plate with a little spoon served with a small glass cup of cream is infinitely better than coffee in those hot cups.

as you've all guessed by now, yes i bought roseanne season 6. i was watching it last night. i have plans to binge watch this season soon.

and, without further ado, i give you the reason i am writing this entry: no one good is on g chat. no offense, the people currently on g chat.

i'm very tired right now and i may have to go to the java city downstairs to get some coffee. and btw, their coffee is NTWHA.

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