Sunday, January 4, 2009

the one with the juice

i crave juice like mad sometimes. right now (3:30 AM), there's no juice in this apt and i just don't know quite what to do. i should keep it stocked up. cranberry juice at least. and i don't like when cranberry juice is mixed with other kinds of fruits. i just want straight up cranberry. i could also go for some orange or apple juice. rainbow is open 24 hrz a day but i'm not going out there in the cold at this hour. i'm very tempted though.

no, no. that's too crazy. i could go to bed but i just drank a bunch of coffee at an anoka perkins. i'm not saying anoka is garbage but... i don't know how to finish that sentence.

i am bouncing off the walls. i need to calm down. so this evening ash and i went to see yes man, which was just as shitty as the previews made it look. but it killed some time. yes man was no liar liar and liar liar is no citizen kane. if i had to give yes man a grade, and i don't, i would give it a C.

oh, and i'm most definitely unfollowing diablo cody on twitter. her act is not cute anymore.

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