Tuesday, January 27, 2009

worried, concerned, on edge, apprehensive, distressed

i'm in a constant state of fear. when i'm sitting in my classes, i keep worrying anxiously about the future. and not anxious as in eager but anxious as in uneasy. mix that in with senioritis and you've got a nasty blend. i do have a tendency to have irrational fears and freak-out about situations. it's hard getting through these days. it's very one-day-at-a-time lately. very look-at-the-clock and get home. this isn't how i wanted my last semester here to be. i will consider myself a failure if i don't have a job or useful internship lined up when i graduate. part of me feels like i'm shooting too high and another part of me refuses to shoot anywhere else. oy. i read somewhere that blog entries should always have pics, regardless of how irrelevant they may be. so here goes:


  1. Why should blog entries always have pics? It's not a PowerPoint, amiright?

  2. i thinks it makes dem more attractive to da eye

  3. you're more attractive to my eye
    i say whaaat?