Monday, February 2, 2009

street dasher

Photobucketellen and i were at milio's on lake and lyndale yesterday picking up our subs and as i'm walking out the door this little-azz 2-year-old girl darts right out the door and into the street and the mother yells, "excuse me!" from inside milio's and drops all of her shit and pushes ellen out of the way and then she ran into the street and grabbed her little girl and luckily there weren't any cars coming right at that moment and then the mom kind of yelled at us for not moving out of the way quickly but then she apologized because i'm sure she was just panicked and then i got to thinking about my instincts and how bad they actually are because i should have dropped everything and grabbed the little girl but one can't just grab someone else's kid and by the time i realized what was going on it was all over so i think if i got into this situation again i would probably react the same way but maybe if i was a parent i would have had better instincts in that situation but i'm glad the girl is alright and i suppose it's hard to be prepared for anything like that.

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